SEO is now a bigger part of our business

At TAG Team Computing we have always stayed on top of the latest SEO changes.   However, it was not a core part of our business because we did not like the top page listing at all cost approach.  Google, Bing, and others have been making a lot of changes lately to stop people from gaming the system.

Why we decided to start offering SEO services

We have been focusing on technical SEO for several years.   The technical work is more related to ways to make the webserver faster, cleaning up the code, optimizing images, other work that is an unseen process for most website owners.  Front end SEO is more related to the content on the site and the message you are trying to get to your customers.   With the latest algorithm updates, the technical and front end SEO are much better aligned and reliant on one another.   It no longer works to stuff a page with keywords or subscribe to a personal blog network to get links to your site.   You need a holistic approach to your website that looks at the message you want to relay, the technical factors and the content on your site.

SEO is now more than just your website

When we look at SEO services now we incorporate more than just website changes.   You need to incorporate your newsletter, facebook posts, instagram, twitter, promotions, and any other media you use into a unified message to get the maximum impact for the time you have to promote your site.

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